Brightspace by D2L Content Templates

An updated version of the content templates originally designed by Brightspace by D2L, with more accessibility and interactivity added. New window and download icons on links automatically appear and all videos and Microsoft embeds are responsive. Text can be typed over banner images, headings can have a background color or icon in the margin, and instructions for using Font Awesome icons are included. Flip cards and four question types have been added to create simple knowledge checks directly on content pages. If you have any questions, please email Dr. Jennifer Wagner at wagne341@msu.edu

  1. Blank with Banner Image
  2. Blank with Text over Banner Image
  3. Blank with No Banner
  4. Course Introduction
  5. Module Introduction
  6. Meet Your Facilitator
  7. Basic Page
  8. Video Lecture
  9. Conclusion
  10. Elements
  11. Images
  12. Accordions
  13. Tabs
  14. Flip Cards
  15. Headings and Icons
  16. Multiple Choice or True/False
  17. Short Answer or Fill in the Blank
  18. Matching
  19. Ordering

For standalone HTML pages of the flip cards and questions, visit the knowledge-checks repository.