Video Lecture

You can embed Kaltura Mediaspace, Youtube, or Vimeo videos on any content template page and the video player will automatically expand to the maximum width, plus scale down properly on smaller screens.

Direct Link: Create a File and Insert Stuff

Replace Video

To replace the video above:

  1. Copy the embed code for a video you want to use. On the Mediaspace website, click Share and Embed (not oEmbed) under the video. You can search Youtube within D2L, so copying an embed code is not necessary for Youtube videos.
  2. Delete the video on this page, and click the Insert Stuff icon.
  3. Do one of the following:
    • Select Enter Embed Code and paste in the video embed code; or
    • Select YouTube and search for a video
  4. Click Next and Insert.
  5. The video on the page in the HTML Editor will not be the correct size. After clicking Save and Close, the video will expand to the maximum width when viewing the page.

Replace Direct Link

To replace the direct link under the video:

  1. Click on the link so that it is highlighted.
  2. Click the Insert Quicklink icon.
  3. Paste in the new URL, change the Title, leave the Target on New Window, and click Update.

Microsoft Embeds

Microsoft embed codes for Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and Powerpoint presentations saved in Sharepoint or OneDrive will also be responsive and scale down properly on smaller devices.