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Sample Short Answer Question

What is the most popular pet?

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Enter the question number and the correct answer below as well as an additional correct answer, if needed. For example, this can account for spelling variations (color and colour) or numbers as words and digits (ten and 10). Your text will be changed to lowercase so the answers will be case insensitive. You only need to enter the question number if you are inserting more than one short answer question per page. Required fields are marked with an asterisk (*).

Short Answer Question

Code will generate below:

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Click the Copy Code button above to copy the code to the clipboard. On your own  D2L page, go to Edit HTML, click the Insert Stuff icon, choose Enter Embed Code, right-click and choose Paste. (The preview will just show the Submit button.)

Make sure to click Save and Close BEFORE testing the Submit button. DO NOT CLICK on the button while still in editing mode or D2L will change the code.

To add another question, click Clear Question and Clear Code above to clear out the boxes and start over. Make sure to type the question number in the first box if you are using more than one short answer question on a page.

Student answers are not tracked or graded and will be reset when refreshing the page.