Simple Knowledge Checks for HTML Pages

These knowledge checks were created for instructors to use on HTML pages in their D2L courses. A sample question is provided with a code generator so new questions can be created. The included copy & paste instructions are for Brightspace by D2L, but any HTML page or LMS that supports HTML can use these knowledge checks.

Question types include multiple choice/select (which can also be used to create true/false questions), short answer/fill in the blank, matching, and ordering. They are stylized with Bootstrap 4.

Flip Cards are keyboard accessible virtual flashcards that can be flipped on hover, click, or tab/tab+enter. Both CSS only and JavaScript versions are included.

  1. Multiple Choice or True/False
  2. Short Answer or Fill in the Blank
  3. Matching
  4. Ordering
  5. Flip Cards

For the full zip file of updated content templates that can be uploaded to D2L, visit the d2l-content-templates repository.